Our Pricing: Everything you need to know

We have 2 pricing options – you can choose the one that suits you the best


£199 + VAT Flat Fee

Best for: homeowners who want help to list while doing their own hosting

Fully Managed

From 12% + VAT (introductory offer)

Best for: property owners looking for total support or hands free management


From 7% + VAT (introductory offer)

Best for: homeowners who want help to list while doing their own hosting

Fully Managed

From 10% + VAT (introductory offer)

Best for: overseas property owners and homeowners looking for total support

What Pricing Plan is right for me?


Your £70 deposit will go a long way. It goes towards:

  • Lockbox rental and installation.
  • Hospitality-standard linen and towels.
  • Property photography – an important part of creating the best possible listing for you.
  • Creating and/or optimising your property listing.
  • An in-person onboarding session at your property (usually 1-2 hours) with your dedicated account manager.

If you decide you’d like to stop using AirOperate for good, we’ll happily return your deposit.

There are just two things we require before we can refund a deposit:

  • All the items we’ve loaned, including lockbox, linens and towels, to be returned to us.
  • Your property has had at least 30 days of bookings since joining our service.

If you haven’t done, or are unable to do these things, you can still leave the service, in this case we just need to keep the deposit as partial cover of your setup costs.

Like any host, you’ll receive payments from Airbnb (minus their fee) the day after a guest checks in.

We collect our commission from your account via weekly Direct Debits. Cleaning fees are collected separately, two days after each clean has taken place.

All of this occurs automatically – so you never have the hassle of making manual payments. Here is a chart to explain the income flow.

We use to manage your property. Means that you will access to all the information related to your property. Including:

  • Rental Information
  • Cleaning Tasks Schedule
  • Maintenance Tasks 

 .. and much more. 

Yes. There is an on-boarding fee which goes towards our investment in your property. This varies between locations. The on-boarding fee includes us setting up your property, taking the pictures, setting up your profile, pricing and linking up your property on appropriate channels (AirBnB, Booking . com etc).

  • Property with 1 Bed: From £199
  • Property with 2 Beds: From £279
  • Property with 3 Beds: From £319
  • Property with 4 Beds: From £379
  • Property with 5 Beds: From £419
  • Property with 6 Beds: From £459
  • Property with 7 Beds: From £489
  • Property with 8 Beds: From £529
  • Property with 9 Beds: From £599
  • Property with 10 Beds: From £639

We add a cleaning fee to your Airbnb listing, which your guest pays. Guests are used to seeing this on Airbnb listings.

The one exception is the very first clean in your property. This is the only clean you’ll need to pay for, but you can also book one-off cleans whenever you like if you’re using the property yourself.

Two days after a clean has taken place, we’ll collect the cleaning fee from your account. The cost of a clean is unique to your property, and ensures cleans of the highest standard are delivered.

We do take a commission on the cleaning fee your guests pay (just as Airbnb does). We do this to cover the cost of organising linen collection and cleans for your property.

Some hosts would like services that go beyond standard Airbnb management and we’re happy to help with those tasks as well. If you would like to enlist one of our ‘Sorters’, we offer:

‘Sorter’ call-out

£25 per job up to 2 hours and £25 per hour thereafter. This includes:

  • Purchasing and delivering essential guest supplies to set up home
  • Key cutting (if required sets aren’t provided before service starts)
  • Picking up post and sending on to host
  • Home Check
  • Furniture dry-cleaning (sofa, arm chair covers etc)
  • Changing lockbox codes
  • Any similar ad-hoc requested jobs
  • Mid-range maintenance call-out

£80-£80 per hour (+ VAT):

  • Basic plumbing (tightening taps, faulty toilet flush)
  • Basic carpentry
  • Re-pressurising boiler
  • Painting
  • Electrical work
  • Any similar ad-hoc requested jobs
  • Specialist call outs

Charged at cost:

  • Pest control
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Severe plumbing issues
  • Repairing / changing locks
  • Any similar ad-hoc requested jobs

The charges for any of these maintenance services goes entirely to the person/company completing the task. Organising any of this for you is included in our management fee.

Fully Managed. Transparent pricing from 10%

An example of the hosting charges on a typical 1 bedroom property in central London. * The guest pays for the cleaning charges

More about our fully manages?

Your management fee covers a wide range of activity both during your account set up, and on an ongoing basis. For this, AirOperate will:

  • Create your listing, including photography and writing attractive copy
  • Handle all the steps to get your listing live
  • Create guest guides, including access details
  • Create and maintain your account dashboard (as well as regularly developing new features and improvements)
  • Handle all booking enquiries promptly
  • Vet all guests
  • Help guests with any enquiries, 24/7, during their stay
  • Coordinate all housekeeping and linens
  • Optimise your pricing using our market knowledge and smart algorithm
  • Assign you a dedicated account manager who will work proactively to get the best returns for you